A Career in Psychology

After College, I hope to pursue a career in clinical psychology. My interest in this field sparked when I discovered that I both loved helping others as well as learning about the inner workings of the human mind. I have chosen clinical psychology specifically as there are a variety of options for people whom you can work with in your practice. Psychologists who choose to become Clinical Psychologists can specialize and hold titles such as “Domestic Violence Psychologist” (AllPsychologyCareers.com), “Mood Disorder Psychologist” (AllPsychologyCareers.com), and even “Sports Psychologist” (AllPsychologyCareers.com); though there are far more options than these mentioned. I personally hope to specialize in Child Psychology or Child Abuse Psychology. A plentiful amount of schooling is required before officially becoming a clinical psychologist of any kind.  A doctorate or master’s degree is required to begin practicing (AllPsychologyCareers.com). The average salary for a psychologist is roughly “$68,640” (Bureau of Statistics). There is constantly a need for psychologists and because of this there are many locations and areas in which a clinical psychologist can work. Typically, a clinical psychologist would find work in private practices, hospitals, within the government, in prisons, or in the military (AllPsychologyCareers.com). Clinical Psychology is considered to be an applied category of psychological research (American Psychological Association). Clinical Psychology is an incredibly important sector of psychological study and it is a fascinating area of study for those interested in spending the rest of their lives making a profound difference in the lives of others.


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